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I can remember how when I was young I believed death to be a phenomenon of the body; now I know it to be a function of the mind-and that of the minds of the ones who suffer the bereavement. The nihlists say it is the end; the fundamentalists, the beginning; when in reality it is no more than a single tenant or family moving out of a tenement or a town.
William Faulkner (As I Lay Dying)
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I’m a thousand feet tall I don’t need no litigation
my body’s full of INFORMATION!

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I can’t stop listening to the album ‘Dark Comedy’ by Open Mike Eagle

Hannibal Buress spits the funniest most awesome verse at the end of this one track where the rappers are giving the listener valuable advice.

I simply cannot get enough.

I’m glad Zack wanted to be the joint admin of The New Bedford Book Club fb page with me and make the banner. He actually reads and gives interesting reviews. I feel very proud that people are actually enjoying the club and it’s spreading the joy of reading wider than it’s usually spread around here.

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[not so distant screaming]

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This is kind of random but Danny Huston is one of my favorite actors, among Ben Foster, the late Philip SH, Sean Penn, and John Lithgow. He’s just so tall and majestic and unique.

I love the movie ‘IvansXTC’ based on that Tolstoy book where he plays the main character. His voice and gait are super hypnotizing to me. And even though 30 Days of Night is a gay movie he was so intense as the head vampire.

Also he played the Ax Man on American Horror Story: Coven. More people should love him.

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99% of people have an inflated self-image. Some are vastly more inflated than others. The end of this year for me is going to be about examining and evaluating my own. I’ve been focusing on seeing myself as I am and not as I’d like to be.

I’m trying to do it in a way where I’m not being cruel to myself, but I do feel that it’s essential for me to knock myself down here and there. I feel like Clamence of Albert Camus’s ‘The Fall’. While still recognizing my own admirable qualities I am also hyper aware of the hypocrisy and emotional driving that poisons those qualities more than I’d like them to.

I just want to be a better individual, bro.

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the gang marries their costars →

Kaitlin Olson (Dee) and Rob McElhenney (Mac)
Jill Latiano (Caylee) and Glenn Howerton (Dennis)
Mary Elizabeth Ellis (The Waitress) and Charlie Day (Charlie)
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